Born in 1970, Sebastien Mahon is a french painter and is now living and working in Shanghai after spending 6 years in Beijing. Using his educational background in art, Sebastien started his career in  Paris working in advertising agencies.

His oil paintings depicts a poetic landscapes, turned into dramatic, lyric, stage settings. Influenced by comics and other pieces of fiction, S. Mahon distorts the perspective of a piece by playing with elements such as light and color to stretch in one singular iconic point of view.  S.Mahon suggests various aesthetic sensations of reality by picted parallel fictions, borrowed from narrative and historical representation. His landscapes release the oddness of event in front of the inexorability movement of time.

In another way, Sebastien Mahon works also, on paper used ink to portray the ambiguity between abstraction and perception, around the edge of cognitive revelation.



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